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Helping you find pre-reg trainee placements at Numark member pharmacies.

Common questions

Why train in independent community pharmacy?

Working in community pharmacy can be very rewarding, and you will soon become an integral part of the local community, building trust and relationships with the patients you see on a regular basis.

Working in a close knit team you will have exposure to the different roles within pharmacy, and in addition the opportunity to work with other healthcare professionals within the local community, perhaps spending time with local nurses, specialists, and surgery staff, or other related professionals such as dentists or vets, depending on the community you are working within.

Working in independent pharmacy gives you the opportunity to undertake structured training in a flexible way, without the constraints of corporate agendas.
For those considering having their own business in the future, taking a placement in an independent pharmacy gives you the added benefit of insight into how to run a pharmacy business.

Who are Numark?

Numark is the largest membership organisation for the independent pharmacist, providing virtual head office support across a wide range of products and services, specifically designed to promote the profitability and longevity of its members.

Our Learning & Development team specialise in providing training support for all levels of staff, from MCA to Superintendents.

Why Numark Pre-reg Support Programme?

The Numark Pre-reg Support Programme is a well-established, tried and tested programme and one of the most comprehensive available. It covers all the essential elements you require to help make the transition from trainee to community pharmacist.

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